Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sunday Rambles...

I'm Still trying to find my groove from moving, thank you for all your lovely comments . I even got a mention from Betty Buttons Blog, this makes my heart very glad to think that anyones even looking at my ramblings, let alone enjoying them, thank you so much!
I do have some fabulous posts lined up but its when the internet/ time / being able to use my own laptop stars are lined up for me. Im currently living in a town, commuting to the city and in the countryside at weekends, which is A very lovely contrast and soothes my itchy feet, however it takes an organised person, which I am still practicing...
Practice makes perfect, eh.

Anyway, im mighty excited about this event coming up ...
Which is very current affair in my world, since moving always leads to a clear out, and boy, do I need it. Also Vintage Vixens recent post has had me inspired to spend less. Its not about being ethical for me, I already am. I hardly ever buy first hand ,Recycling is my religion, I will reuse and recycle EVERYTHING till its screaming to go in the bin/ compost heap and , among other things, have been known to wash out an old jar to drink out of when the council are doing nothing about our recycling.
However, I do need to get rid of some things, so a bit of an Etsy + Car Boot = Charity shop equation is in order. I do need to reign in the retail therapy thing a bit myself. Im worried i'll turn into a hording old lady.
So it started this weekend, I spent yesterday in the gorgeous sunshine sorting, sorting, sorting. Today has been about sewing: some seeds and some missing buttons. This evening Im making a flower headband for myself as i refuse to pay £10 for the miss selfridge one that fits my noggin perfectly(shouldnt have been messing around, trying it on ''for a laff'' I fell in love, the little bugger). Pictures of which will of course follow if it goes to plan!
Tomorrow (as I have a week off) will be about sorting (hopefully the last of it!) and making a Bee Hotel. I cant wait till I have my own place, I have a garden full of flowers and keep Lovely little Fluffy bumbles... Anyway, Pookie is looking at me for a W.A.L.K so I better end this bumbling post here.
Hope your all having a smashing one and I look forward to all the wonderful suggestions your guys will have for me on where im going wrong with all this over consumption!!


  1. That bee hotel looks to be a great little project. Good luck with the headband and the sorting. I bet you'll uncover all manner of treasures and won't even need to think of hitting the shops during your week off. xxx

  2. Vix is THE most inspirational wench,in't she?!
    Go hard,and don't punish yourself if you make the odd little slip up.Going cold turkey is tricksy! x