Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Nunhead Cemetry :Taking My Camera For a Walk

I am currently in the middle of moving, so sorry for the lack of movement over these parts, I have had some lovely comments and emails and even a wee mention over on another blog, which I will respond to once I have found the carpet under the boxes... I couldnt keep away for too long though, so here are a little feast of pictures from Nunhead Cemetery open day
It wasnt as morbid as it sounds, really. There were local charity stalls aswell as allotment clubs selling plants and bee keepers selling honey, it was very community like and perfect for taking the camera for a walk.

St Pauls, in the distance.
Tattoo Idea?
Such beautiful headstones, that have aged and become more beautiful still

Strange little faces that were once quite angelic i'd imagine....

You could stroll for hours, discovering gravestones grown over and reading the beautiful names in times now past.
Any way, I hope you enjoyed this little pictorial interlude and hope you may even be a little inspired. Till next time x


  1. You beautiful, birds and cemetaries are two of my favourite things.
    Hope the move goes well. xxx

  2. Hope the move goes all smooth! I used to live not far from Nunhead, wonderful leafy cemetry, (in a non morbid way)!

  3. Reading names on tombstones is a secret pleasure of mine, too! I think it's interesting!