Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Brown and Creme with Love heart detail

Originally this outfit had a war time feel, coupled with my block heel brogues and mustard knit. However, when Pookie and I went out for a walk for photos, the heavens opened, we ran amongst the hard drops , jumping the puddles sporadically, sometimes accidently landing into the next, suffice to say we were both more than a little soggy, but the photo shoot must go on! So off with my shoes and cardi , and off with Pookies lead and into a towel.
My "Granny brogues" pre opened heavens...
Its not normal for me to wear such neutral shades, I have a black uniform to wear at work (Bork) so it normally leads me to over colour to make up for the 5 day a week drearyness...this outfit soon lost its wartime feel and took on a high fashion feel (high fashion for my style , anyway)
No outfit post is complete without shoes however, so out came my Miss Kurt Geiger Heeled chelsea boots. I love platform heeled shoes. I cannot run at the gym to save my life, pop me in a pair of heels however, and I can run a marathon. They're ever so comfy for me <3
Special Guest appearance from Princess Monkey Tallulah Ginger Baby cat the II, Shes started going out this week and is having none of it.It would appear shes destined to be a kitchen cat.

Horse belt and shorts from Bershka
Brown and creme kitten sold seperately.
its so disapointing , not that its raining, as us Brits are used to that, but because we were promised a heat wave! eeesh! Hope wherever you are you are coping with the weather in style xxx


  1. Wow, lady! You look fabulous. Those heels are insanely fabulous and you have great legs, too. I'm with you on the not being able to run but can in silly heels. xxx
    PS Your kitten is adorable.

  2. Awesome top,so pretty! Loving those heels too!
    The Princess is a darling!!!

  3. Your outfit is amazing!!! I love those tights and your heels...and OMG your kitten is so cute. Come check out my blog :)


  4. The little kitten is the perfect accessory, so sweet. Cats are so funny, full of different personalities. Oh and AWESOME shoes by the way. If I wore them I'd look like a she-giant :( but they are beautiful...is it possible to get shoe envy?!! :)

  5. Love the tights....and the kitty!



  6. So many adorable things in this post! The Granny brogues, your heart tights.. your little kitty!! And your heels are killer. x

  7. Hello
    found you through vintage vixen
    what a beautiful outfit,so suits you and love your cat
    ill be following your blog if you dont mind
    love to look at everyones fashion finds