Sunday, 22 May 2011

Typical Sunday Of Mine In Pictures

During the week I eat breakfast quick quick quick and get to the bus stop for 6.30am, So at the weekends its nice to eat slowly , take breaths between bites! Today I had Museli with Natural Yoghurt and Honey, Another favourite of mine is banannas and honey on Toast ( I LOVE honey :) )

During the week I have English Tea, Peppermint Tea and Green tea , as much as I love them , I enjoy a coffee treat at the weekend in my cafeteria.

On Sundays I read The Times , Well thats I lie , I read Style, The Times supplement, cover to cover. Ive never read The Times, I dont think :)

I usually meet friends over at Columbia road, or Brick Lane or Spital Fields.They're my favourite places to be on a sunday , they're just really wholesome.

Today I met Cheryl for BIG cakes...

We then walked them off for a bit, browsing the stalls. I meant to take lots of pictures for you all for a 'guide to'' but when you go as often as I do, you forget that kind of thing. But i'll tell you this, make sure you browse most the stalls before buying something as some of the stalls get repetitive and you could find exactly the same , but cheaper, further down the line. Also, Barter.If you want multiple items, get a deal. Something i've learnt from having family in Spain is, Dont be shy, I could've got a jumper knocked down from £20 to £12 today, but I didnt really want it to begin with, I probably could've got it knocked to £10 if I really wanted. Act cool , keep browsing whilst bartering and walk away a few steps if they dont budge, test the water. Some stall holders drop the prices so much more nearer the end of the day.

I loved this dress above, it was handmade <3 there are some really talented makers in Spitalfields,
so despite what i've said above about bartering be a bit more respectful of the handmade stuff, the mass produced, barter till your blue in the face ;)

There is a same ol' saqme ol' vibe sometimes to Spital fields, but it does with season. Today there was a stalls selling drinks in coconuts and pineapples , made litter more attractive than usual .

Todays special was this man playing his brass with fire trumping out!

Cheryl Bakewell and I <3

Outfit Dets...

Im not sure the gym has kicked in yet, Dont think the world is ready to see me in High waisters, let alone the blogosphere... Just dont look at the above if your easily offended .

Cardigan : RSPCA shop

Top : Topshop (completely out of character for me...)

High Waisted Shorts : New Look

Boots : Vintage Fashion Fair

Photographer : Sacked.

Do you have a typical sunday? How goes it??


  1. That red and white frock at the markets!That blouse you are wearing! That lovely sunny day you've enjoyed!Heavenly!
    O,I think you asked about my kitten brooch a while back?I kept forgetting to say that it was an Etsy treat to myself!

  2. That looks such a lovely way to spend a weekend and you and your pals are all gorgeous.
    We don't have a routine, it just depends on how fragile we're feeling from the night before. xxx
    PS I couldn't comment on your last post, I kept getting a "member's only" message.

  3. Helga : thank you , im going to try and recreate the red dress! nothing more devilish than an etsy treat to oneself :)
    Vix : your such a wild child, Although sometimes its nice to do the above with not alot of sleep, just let the eyeballs feast... Thanks for telling me about my previous post, im not very tech savvy so havent changed anything personally...but i wonder if the cats have ran across the keyboard and done damage...

  4. A Sunday in Spitalfields is certainly one of the best hang outs as you quite righhtly said. I've only recently, since adding "cookies" (and I've no idea what they actually are) that I'm able to comment on posts including my own so wish to thank you for your kind ones left on my own Blog recently! Have you moved and settled in somewhere yet? Hope all's groOoOovy X