Saturday, 26 March 2011

Its been mighty sunny these past few days. I was lucky enough not to have to work , so two days full of green grass and blue skies for me it was.
Its so nice to have light on our side again, when returning to work on friday morning I had the sun on my back whilst waiting for my bus at 6.30am, makes such a difference not to start the day in darkness!
I had two lovely guests visit me all the way from the North East, As Jakamo had one of his Photographs in a gallery here. It was fabulous to see them again, so nice to see old friends in your new home aswell as an afternoon of much silliness and giggling.
Anyway, a wee photo of my 1950s Dior inspired look for you all to enjoy, and hopefully i can take time out of dressing windows to post again tomo :)
Till then Cats and Kittens xxx

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