Sunday, 27 March 2011

Finally! A Perfume For Vintage Lovers...

I've always had a very strong affair with my nose senses, never giving a second thought to inhaling a glossy magazine, which has always prompted a strange look or two.

I mean, everyone has scents that pull back memories . Bet you remember your first boyfriends aftershave, dont you?

I must say I have felt slightly disheartened recently, afraid my love affair with Miss Dior Cherie is on the rocks, you see we have been together for many,many years, and I have been ever so faithfull, bottle after bottle. However with the success of Black Swan and therefore Natalie Portman aka the face of Miss Dior Cherie Im concerened my scent will be taken everywhere without me. I know, Its not really a dilemma as such , im not the only person to wear the fragrance it just lead me to think, if "my signature scent" is being used elsewhere, I am therefore a victim of fraud.

Yes I could find another perfume, or carry on , but that would be too simple. So, I have decided to reclaim myself and have been researching essential oils to understand the mood enhancing qualities to start really being able to get some good use out of my scent sense.

Then, for my birthday, my Auntie brought me the Boheme Perfume, pictured above. Not only does it smell unique ,it looks cute too. And it led me curiouser and curiouser into the different uses of scents.

In my home I have always enjoy Cinnamon in the winter, its warm cosy notes just remind me of over done sparkling Christmas' of my youth, the run up of which was spent in Florida, where they go crazy with the stuff. In my research I have found cinnamon is good for boosting concentration , which probably explains why I am such a whizz kid around that time for making festive treats.

I also really love lavender in the Spring / Summer,as we all know, Lavender is good for relaxing. When I have problems Sleeping I turn to my lavender pillow. My sister has a small pouch of it hung on one of her door handles, so when you go through to the hall the scent dispenses through to your sensory pad and sends relaxing signals to your brain.

Bergamot also has similar effects, however it is better for a stressful situation, If you are a particular sufferer of road rage I would recommend putting this In your car!

Rose is a confidence boost and Lemon ,Mandarin and grapefruit all increase bloodflow to boost energy and help mental focus.

Equipped with this knowledge I am keeping bottles of each in my bag, rubbing on my wrists as and when and inhaling. Although I must insist on putting each on a seperate hankercheif if you need to keep changing!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Its been mighty sunny these past few days. I was lucky enough not to have to work , so two days full of green grass and blue skies for me it was.
Its so nice to have light on our side again, when returning to work on friday morning I had the sun on my back whilst waiting for my bus at 6.30am, makes such a difference not to start the day in darkness!
I had two lovely guests visit me all the way from the North East, As Jakamo had one of his Photographs in a gallery here. It was fabulous to see them again, so nice to see old friends in your new home aswell as an afternoon of much silliness and giggling.
Anyway, a wee photo of my 1950s Dior inspired look for you all to enjoy, and hopefully i can take time out of dressing windows to post again tomo :)
Till then Cats and Kittens xxx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Tea and Scones To start, of course
The Man Himself...

Fabulous sweetie shoppe

One of the many fabulous vintage and handmade shops <3

Bubble blowing contest ( with my new cardigan! its angora and soft and lovely and perfect for wearing in bubble blowing contests!)

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Picking Roses

I spied this in my local charity, though she is HUGE and heavy and obviously had a jug at one point , I couldn't leave it behind ...Now to find her missing Jug....