Saturday, 19 February 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

Dress : Vintage, Handmade
Cardigan : Vintage , Handmade
Belt: Bershka
Necklaces : Assorted High Street & Hand-Me Downs

Friday, 18 February 2011

Who Likes Cake??

OK, Who likes cake? and kitties and puppies??
Me Too!
I am volunteering for Celia Hammond's Animal Clinic, Celia was one of the first fur models , back in the 60's appearing on covers of Vogue and living the usual glamorous lifestyle of an international model. That is of course, until she learnt the details of the fur trade.
Celia then put all her resources to helping animals , and teaching others the illicit side of the fur trade.
Her work ethic is second to none, she is an amazing lady who does nothing for herself and everything for the clinic, her volunteers have to remind her to sleep and eat as she is hands on 24/7 to all these poor defenseless animals that come her way.

Many of the rescue stories and more about Celia and her Trust Can be found here

So, Who Likes Cake?

I am making these wonderful cake stands from vintage and retro plates and glasses to raise money for Celia's Trust.
They can come in a range of colours and sizes, If you would like one, please email me at
If you require anything specific , please let me know and I will try my hardest to suit your needs! They are a steal at £25 each, to ensure you get the best deal possible P+P is catered for dependent on where you live. They make fabulous gifts and look wonderful not just for special occasions, but also to keep your jewelery on, as one of my friends has already done so!

Old Days, Carefree Days

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Just Popped By To Say...

Its been a while, since I am now a true 1950's enthusiast and have no connection the the Internet, blogging is becoming difficult! Hopefully, sometime this year, O2 will stop trying to charge me £50 for two weeks usage and blogging can resume. Anyway, Grumble over, Im on Holiday :)

A friend lent me 'The Edge Of Love' a few weeks back, to say I was slightly obsessed for a while would be an understatement. I do not normally agree with Keria Knightly Movies, but this one really changed my mind.
Its fabulous , cosy , real and romantic; I really do think you must see it. I have many screen shots that i'll get round to putting here one day, for the costume and props really sparked my imagination.
Since I finished this dress last summer I have wanted to post about it, Its in this fabulous fabric from Beyond Fabrics , a collection endearingly entitled 'Recipe for friendship'.

When I was on the train today I looked around at all the 'normal' people and realised how wartime I looked, something I have been trying not to do so much of lately as im concerned, What with my 14 Year old looks I look nothing more than a little girl playing dress up.

Anyho, my day has consisted of making a quilt for my Niece's first birthday.(Up until now the poor tot has had to sleep in a 'grow bag' what with cot-death fears. Soon the little mite will be able to snuggle up.)
I got quite carried away and there was no natural daylight for good photos, hence the close up of fabric.It is a shirt dress with large lapels and a zip up bodice, an 80's does 50's kind of affair.
I acquired this wonderful maroon cardigan from spitalfields market, with splendid little flowers hand sewn on. Reminds me of a fabulous number I got from VaG last year, I need lots of these, in different colours.
Also, Why does it feel so good to wear wellies every once in a while?? why do I find these old green pair of mine, originally used back in the day when I used to muck out my Nag; Look fabulous with everything?!
Im having a fabulous holiday, plenty of Sewing, Tea and stoking the fire and being in the country. Just what you need every now and then, Blow the big smoke right outta my hair.