Sunday, 7 August 2011

Accidental tribute day

Yesterday I spent the day tidying my 'base' room (this is what happens when you live out of a suitcase/back of car) whilst singing along with Amy Winehouse and frothing my hair into a beehive. I later ended up round a friends for dinner watching the Jools Holland tribute to her. I loved this ladies music and could relate to it no end, she was a true artist and although its so sad she has passed and new music of hers will be no more, its nice she is in the papers now for music, not her personal life, which has nothing to do with us. Dont get me started, would you boycott a till worker in a supermarket for their personal life? no, they're just doing their job, so let them get on with it.
Today a had a super morning horseriding with friends, its so nice to be back in the saddle again.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Happy Birthday Grandad

I believe you would have been 82 today. I miss your war stories, If only you could see me now, i'm sure that you'd be proud. Im having a corned beef sandwich in memory of you! I know you'd Like that

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bang Goes My Heart

Thank you Topshop, for bringing out (for another year) such a gorgeus coat and once again reminding me of my Beloved Pat Butcher, once so close and warm, taken too soon by a housemate who didnt keep her promise. Oh how I yearn for your leopard print trashy glamour , whilst England turns to Autumn too soon. Come back to me, my hero <3

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Thanks Ever So

I made the top ten of Miss Vintage Life Glamour Pageant!! Thank you to everyone that voted.Recently I have been thinking about shutting this blog down, but perhaps this little positive will drive some new inspiration. Stay tuned crazy cats xxx

Thursday, 7 July 2011

I still need your votes guys and dolls!

i've a small favour to ask you, can you vote for me please?? im 15th and I need to get top ten!

All you have to do is "like" Twinwood Events , then "like" my photo , no 64 ,

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Miss Vintage Life Glamour Pageant

Please could you guys vote for me?? I would really appreciate it, i could then have the opportunity to do a full report in Twinwood Festival!
All you have to do is "Like" Twinwood Events on Facebook, Then "Like" my photo
I dont know what I can do to say thank you, I would blog more often? blog lots of photos of kittens?? send you all a kitten! and a cupcake!! You can let me know what you think!!
Thank you all in advance xxx

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Brown and Creme with Love heart detail

Originally this outfit had a war time feel, coupled with my block heel brogues and mustard knit. However, when Pookie and I went out for a walk for photos, the heavens opened, we ran amongst the hard drops , jumping the puddles sporadically, sometimes accidently landing into the next, suffice to say we were both more than a little soggy, but the photo shoot must go on! So off with my shoes and cardi , and off with Pookies lead and into a towel.
My "Granny brogues" pre opened heavens...
Its not normal for me to wear such neutral shades, I have a black uniform to wear at work (Bork) so it normally leads me to over colour to make up for the 5 day a week drearyness...this outfit soon lost its wartime feel and took on a high fashion feel (high fashion for my style , anyway)
No outfit post is complete without shoes however, so out came my Miss Kurt Geiger Heeled chelsea boots. I love platform heeled shoes. I cannot run at the gym to save my life, pop me in a pair of heels however, and I can run a marathon. They're ever so comfy for me <3
Special Guest appearance from Princess Monkey Tallulah Ginger Baby cat the II, Shes started going out this week and is having none of it.It would appear shes destined to be a kitchen cat.

Horse belt and shorts from Bershka
Brown and creme kitten sold seperately.
its so disapointing , not that its raining, as us Brits are used to that, but because we were promised a heat wave! eeesh! Hope wherever you are you are coping with the weather in style xxx

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sunday Rambles...

I'm Still trying to find my groove from moving, thank you for all your lovely comments . I even got a mention from Betty Buttons Blog, this makes my heart very glad to think that anyones even looking at my ramblings, let alone enjoying them, thank you so much!
I do have some fabulous posts lined up but its when the internet/ time / being able to use my own laptop stars are lined up for me. Im currently living in a town, commuting to the city and in the countryside at weekends, which is A very lovely contrast and soothes my itchy feet, however it takes an organised person, which I am still practicing...
Practice makes perfect, eh.

Anyway, im mighty excited about this event coming up ...
Which is very current affair in my world, since moving always leads to a clear out, and boy, do I need it. Also Vintage Vixens recent post has had me inspired to spend less. Its not about being ethical for me, I already am. I hardly ever buy first hand ,Recycling is my religion, I will reuse and recycle EVERYTHING till its screaming to go in the bin/ compost heap and , among other things, have been known to wash out an old jar to drink out of when the council are doing nothing about our recycling.
However, I do need to get rid of some things, so a bit of an Etsy + Car Boot = Charity shop equation is in order. I do need to reign in the retail therapy thing a bit myself. Im worried i'll turn into a hording old lady.
So it started this weekend, I spent yesterday in the gorgeous sunshine sorting, sorting, sorting. Today has been about sewing: some seeds and some missing buttons. This evening Im making a flower headband for myself as i refuse to pay £10 for the miss selfridge one that fits my noggin perfectly(shouldnt have been messing around, trying it on ''for a laff'' I fell in love, the little bugger). Pictures of which will of course follow if it goes to plan!
Tomorrow (as I have a week off) will be about sorting (hopefully the last of it!) and making a Bee Hotel. I cant wait till I have my own place, I have a garden full of flowers and keep Lovely little Fluffy bumbles... Anyway, Pookie is looking at me for a W.A.L.K so I better end this bumbling post here.
Hope your all having a smashing one and I look forward to all the wonderful suggestions your guys will have for me on where im going wrong with all this over consumption!!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Nunhead Cemetry :Taking My Camera For a Walk

I am currently in the middle of moving, so sorry for the lack of movement over these parts, I have had some lovely comments and emails and even a wee mention over on another blog, which I will respond to once I have found the carpet under the boxes... I couldnt keep away for too long though, so here are a little feast of pictures from Nunhead Cemetery open day
It wasnt as morbid as it sounds, really. There were local charity stalls aswell as allotment clubs selling plants and bee keepers selling honey, it was very community like and perfect for taking the camera for a walk.

St Pauls, in the distance.
Tattoo Idea?
Such beautiful headstones, that have aged and become more beautiful still

Strange little faces that were once quite angelic i'd imagine....

You could stroll for hours, discovering gravestones grown over and reading the beautiful names in times now past.
Any way, I hope you enjoyed this little pictorial interlude and hope you may even be a little inspired. Till next time x

Monday, 23 May 2011

Whos Going To This On Saturday??

This Saturday 28th May! 5A Gransden Avenue, E8 3QA....

Im terribly excited, See You There xxx

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Typical Sunday Of Mine In Pictures

During the week I eat breakfast quick quick quick and get to the bus stop for 6.30am, So at the weekends its nice to eat slowly , take breaths between bites! Today I had Museli with Natural Yoghurt and Honey, Another favourite of mine is banannas and honey on Toast ( I LOVE honey :) )

During the week I have English Tea, Peppermint Tea and Green tea , as much as I love them , I enjoy a coffee treat at the weekend in my cafeteria.

On Sundays I read The Times , Well thats I lie , I read Style, The Times supplement, cover to cover. Ive never read The Times, I dont think :)

I usually meet friends over at Columbia road, or Brick Lane or Spital Fields.They're my favourite places to be on a sunday , they're just really wholesome.

Today I met Cheryl for BIG cakes...

We then walked them off for a bit, browsing the stalls. I meant to take lots of pictures for you all for a 'guide to'' but when you go as often as I do, you forget that kind of thing. But i'll tell you this, make sure you browse most the stalls before buying something as some of the stalls get repetitive and you could find exactly the same , but cheaper, further down the line. Also, Barter.If you want multiple items, get a deal. Something i've learnt from having family in Spain is, Dont be shy, I could've got a jumper knocked down from £20 to £12 today, but I didnt really want it to begin with, I probably could've got it knocked to £10 if I really wanted. Act cool , keep browsing whilst bartering and walk away a few steps if they dont budge, test the water. Some stall holders drop the prices so much more nearer the end of the day.

I loved this dress above, it was handmade <3 there are some really talented makers in Spitalfields,
so despite what i've said above about bartering be a bit more respectful of the handmade stuff, the mass produced, barter till your blue in the face ;)

There is a same ol' saqme ol' vibe sometimes to Spital fields, but it does with season. Today there was a stalls selling drinks in coconuts and pineapples , made litter more attractive than usual .

Todays special was this man playing his brass with fire trumping out!

Cheryl Bakewell and I <3

Outfit Dets...

Im not sure the gym has kicked in yet, Dont think the world is ready to see me in High waisters, let alone the blogosphere... Just dont look at the above if your easily offended .

Cardigan : RSPCA shop

Top : Topshop (completely out of character for me...)

High Waisted Shorts : New Look

Boots : Vintage Fashion Fair

Photographer : Sacked.

Do you have a typical sunday? How goes it??