Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Its been a while , hasn't it? My new job is taking over. Twelve hour days . Im forever exhausted but hoping that i'll soon get used to it and be able to do all the things I like doing.

We're getting christmas together at work you see, the window displays, the catwalks, they all need christmas trees, and garlands. I mean, really? in October. Retail, it makes me tired!

It has had me thinking though, so perhaps i'll be one of those super organised people this year? I do remember one year, frantically knitting scarfs on christmas morning , incredibly hung over. You can get away with that if your a student. So if you are a student reading this, do it whilst you can, for when your a 'grown up' with a 'wage' there is no excuse for it!

Ive been having a wee trawl through websites for gift ideas , how about this site?

Im thinking of making crackers and stockings this year, which this site is fantastic for.I know a few that'd really apprieciate this super cute kitchen window box starter, technically it is for children, however im sure its suitable fun for all. Not only are the sections easy to find, 'for her' ,'for him' , 'kids' but their is a 'stocking filler' section and larger gifts too. Some of the garden treasures look delightful, for example this Hammock . I want to move (again) . Our flat is lovely, but we are on the ground floor, which has never made it possible to relax on our "balcony" with people walking straight by you, and last week someone stole my Chilli pepper plant that was just about ready to go in the kitchen. All my hardwork and love just swiped. People are so cruel.

This site soon cheered me up on the green finger front though, Grow your own four leaf clover! Now you know what to get me for christmas!