Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Secret Retreat...

Everyone has a little somewhere where they go, to take time to breathe, take it slow.
But I bet most dont go to their mothers for this!
Let me show you why...

Chocolate box fairy house of tales

Beautiful, colourful flowers
I spend hours feeding the Koi and just generally watching them swish around...must be the Pisces in me.
The french feeling is even in the shadows..

My little Pookie to offer pet therapy
And miles and miles of sandy woods and parks to ramble around

Heather and butterflies and general wildlife
And Steps made out of tree roots!


  1. That roof should be mandatory on ALL houses! Absolutely gorgeous!

    My secret retreat is my closet! :)

  2. How utterly gorgeous, really chocolate-box pretty. Cute pooch, too! xxx

  3. So that's your Mum's place? Marvellous! How lucky you are, since moving to the South Coast a couple of years back I still haven't found a suitable retreat where I can forget the world exists for an hour or so. Postmans' Park near St. Pauls Cathedral was perfect in London.

    Cool pics!

  4. Thank you, everyone.
    I have yet to find a place in London, its difficult to find alot of green to get yourself lost in, but I will have to check out St Pauls, thank you for the tip off. I hope you soon find your sanctuary xo