Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Little Things

I had a really good day yesterday,It was all the little things in life.

I started the day with Homemade plum jam on toast and loose leaf apple and tisane tea .

I always have to use a tea pot and a small sieve,which can get rather messy.

I then popped out to run some errands in town.

so when I popped by a charity shop and there was a diffuser glimmering in the corner at me I knew it was my lucky day! Its a great diffuser too, I can use it to scoop up my tea leaves then just click the lip on the spoon and stir in my mug of hot water! Ta Da!

Mummy Darlings homemade jam, mm mmmm.

I wasnt actually en route to go in said charity shop, but as I was passing I thought it would be rude not to. I had in my head "no more fabric 'till you have finished your current projects" (am I the only one that talks to myself like that?!) and , of course, there was some delightful fabric. I brought a few 60's floral prints (Although I find its runs of the mill these days) but then I found this little beauty....

Shes green with little girls flying kites all over. Shes going to be a dress soon. Its funny, because the day previous I had found some fantastic green trimming that will go perfect, and I let myself buy a good few metres knowing I would use it .

I like it when things click into place , like magic.

Thing is, now I want to start this new project and put my others aside.

Anyway, I got home just before the thunderstorm started outside . My flats always warm and cosy regardless, so I made a nest with cushions in front of the window and the kitties and myself watched the monsoon outside with a pot of tea until too much time had passed and it was time to return to my sewing again.



  1. Lovely post. Yep, I talk to myself like that too..I forbid myself to buy more fabric until the rest is used and then ignore myself!

  2. So sweet! That fabric is gorgeous. I picked up lots of vintage patterns today so I'm on the hunt for fab fabric. xxx

  3. Ivy black: im glad im not there only one ;)
    Vintage Vixen : Fab Fabric, that sounds like a good name for a shop!! I work at beyond fabric, it is truly wonderful shop, maybe you might find something there,
    Good Luck!