Monday, 20 September 2010

Jimmy's Harvest Festival

Last weekend, I had a family outing to celebrate Harvest At Jimmy's. We went last year, the first year, and loved it so much we we're dying to go back.
So much more effort had been put in this year! giant apples, trumpets and drums decorated trees and bushes along the drive in!
My sister and Martin, galloping there way in!
We love the food they have there,most is produce from the farm and there was a little sign on the way in that read 'Bon Appetite!' , I definitely dressed so that I could comfortably graze all day
Last year my little Niece, Willow , was growing on the food in her mums tum. This year, as her dad's well into his cooking, he took her to meet all the famous chefs! she loved her new celebrity friends!
The man on the right taught Jamie Oliver to cook....and I cannot remember the other two! if anyone reading this does, let me know!!
I LOVE this shoot! she's hilarious!
Willow is now bored of non celebrity friends....
A Future Head!
Hairy Bikers! these guys were brillant and always remember my dad...probably because he is their No1 fan
This was two ugly buildings with tractors etc inside, but I think they hid them so beautifully. I really like the 'rustic' look at the moment

Little Willow with her matching food and ear protectors. Poor Baby
A wonderful topsy turvey imaginarium.....
So yes, a bit of a personal post rather than a review, but thats what happens when baby Willow comes out ... I just want to play with her!
But I recommend Jimmy's to anyone that loves food, family , music and a lovely chilled atmosphere. I cant wait till next years with the added bonus of camping!
whooop whooop!

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  1. That looks a wonderful way to spend the day. I'm rather envious. Isn't Willow gorgeous? xxx