Friday, 24 September 2010

Corned Beef Catastrophe

I had a terrible fashion faux pas the other day.
I was trotting along, all glimmering and glamourous to work in the autumn sunshine, life was good.
But then it hit Two o' Clock and the wind BLEW.
Not only did I have trouble wrestling my ensemble with my arms full of shopping but my hair does silly things in this weather and my legs were on their way to blue, stopping off at that lovely shade of corned beef. eugh.
Tights were needed.
I love a good pair of woollies for work and prefer a more sexy shade in my spare time. I've always gone for the seamed variety however , I cannot go for stockings. Silly short legs make it not worth the time!
I wore seamed tights so much last year, such a love affair that ended so sadly when we rehomed Monkey, our then Kitten.
So I trudged through the internet to find myself some new stock, on the terms that I will strictly not wear them in the house , and I found these little beauts.
Pamela Manns
I also found these that I have ordered for work ( when i'm climbing up ladders all day I need the thickest I can find!)
Falke Merino Wool Tights
They're made from merino wool! I cannot wait to get my little tootsies in them!
Then , because I have a new job and was feeling flashy, I got myself an extra pair, they just look so warm and snug and im hoping the price reflects value.
Falke Elegance Cashmere Blend Tights
If, like me you are heading towards the cold climate, i urge you to go here! Money is burning a hole in my pocket and im spending it mentally before its i my bank...another site i want to hit is for gift ideas.
What are your winter staples? Do you have any good luxury tips on painting winter a brighter shade than it really is?


  1. i love tights! they hide my flawed legs a bit, and they SUCK ME IN! win win!

    and the mere thought of corned beef makes me want to hurl! bleh! that and pastrami. barf.