Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Vintage At Goodwood

I was a very lucky lady when asked to help assist Miss Libertarian in having stall time fun at Vintage At Goodwood!

Jayne, Al and I had a Vintabulous time, Reliving times we knew, reliving times of our parents, reliving times of our grandparents, reliving times to be remembered.
The Torch Club Tanquoray Lounge was my favourite place to be, Offering dance classes and wonderful entertainment from sultry songstrels, beautiful bands and burlesque beauties.
The Demon Drome was one of my highlights. Started in the 1920s , these 21 century wild cats gave us a taste of what was, whizzing around on their vintage motorbikes performing tricks with such ease at such a speed. Not one member of the crowd was bored and as their bikes flung up the walls towards us the adrenaline surged through us all!

The high street was designed with pop up shops, which included a cinema and a hair salon. The clock at the centre of the street had small bands peacefully plucking away the soundtrack to our shopping spree
I took a few too many photos of cars, trucks and caravans, it turns out im a bit of a pervert. Of course, if you are too just say the word and I can post more of my collection ;)

I met a few bloggers too! A lovely man, that takes lovely pictures you can catch at the real f stop. Also in my tired, sunday haze I realized that I was watching The lovely Tuppence Ha'penny dance in the torch club, so pounced on her as soon as she resumed her place back at the side of the dancefloor!
The next few photos take some explaining! I met Fleur de Guerre! I saw her around the festival and wondered if I should commend her on her beautiful pin up work and blog, but I always saw her when the time wasn't right. For example, putting things together for her style show or in the port-a-loos (I sound like a stalker, dont I?) but then on Sunday I passed her outside the torch club and knew it was my chance for a chat! Sadly it wasn't much of a chat for I was embarrassingly star struck! she was ever so sweet when I gushed about her splendid work (next few lines deleted as I realize I am doing it again)
I felt like a little dumpy troll next to this tall, elegant swan! she was very grascious and told me she had just won the Silver cravat at the chap olympiad, Huzzah!
I have posted both these photos because her beautiful hair is chopped out of the first and I look slightly evil in giggling at how short I am in the second. I wouldn't want my readers to think that of me.

Any way, shine ya shoes guvnor?
I love the colours in this shot, I couldnt resist.
Strawberries and meringes , mmm...
Bugsy Malone, anyone?
A lovely swing teacher who taught me how to make to left feet into a complete pair

Does anyone else fancy ice cream and strawberry syrup after looking at this?

What an adorable family!

My favourite photo of the weekend! No 21st century in sight, bliss.

Stay tuned for more Vintage at Goodwood! Yes More film To be developed! And, if you were there, i'd love it if you'd link me up to your Goodwood related posts!

Cheers Guys and Dolls! xo

Photos Courtesy of Jayne Libertarian and Myself

Saturday, 7 August 2010


I have been considering a few of my Essentials for Vintage at Goodwood...

Crochet, Knitted... some sort of Knit, preferably in blanket form. For saving grass stains on my dresses during the day and snuggling into in the evening
Some home made Tea light holders to find the way home in dark

Some bright, colourful bunting to break up all the traditional green hues that are associated with camping

Yay Me!

I am terribly excited to receive my prizes from Tuppence Ha'penny's Give away!
Perhaps, if it arrives in time, it may be the starting point for my Festival packing...

The Count Down Has Begun...

If you are also going, pop by and say hi! I will be working The Libertarians Stand . Now what on earth to wear?

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Quick! entries close today!

For an absolutely fabulous chance to win some absolutely gorgeous items , go to Tuppence Ha'penny

Be quick though, entries close TODAY!

Good Luck Dolls and Teddies xo

I've Moved!

Just as I was getting back into the swing of blogging again, my laptop broke. Then I had to move which leaves me internetless for a while.Great.
Moving to London is fantastic and I finally feel like i'm home. However being 281 miles from the friends I love is going to take a while to get used to. Some days I get all childish about it and think "I dont want to make new friends I want my Newcastle ones" .