Thursday, 17 June 2010

Im Not Dead, Even Though There Are Fossils In The Ground From When We Last Met....

Hi Guys and Dolls!!
Its been so long. Soooooo Long,since my last post. I just haven't had the time, or the inspiration.
But im back, and I hope you are all well.
Since my last post I have been working as a fashion designer for an alternative company called Phaze, you may have heard of it. Any ho I will get some pictures of the clothes I have been designing next week, thats a promise.
I have also been mucho busito with a few burlesque performances, such as Dixie's Doll house

It was wonderful to meet such performers as Slinky Sparkles, Bunny Warren and Kiki Kaboom!
I am well and truly immersed in the world of Burlesque nowadays. I used to feel Embarrassed of myself for it, People making me feel perverted for watching 'Ladies Strip' . It is far from stripping. Im most proud of being a part of a vintage art form aswell as the celebration of the female form.
I've also been busy practicing my pin up pose. The image below is by Christine Patterson

Also,We have a new little member to our family. Meet our new Baby Cat, Dolly!
Isnt she adorable?!
Thats a very quick catch up for now! Stay Tuned for more as I do not want to reate a long, boring image heavy post!


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  1. awh cute kitten and i would love tolearn more about burlesque ^^ its so cool about your job ^^