Saturday, 19 June 2010

Elderflower Syrup

A rainy days are preparation days for Sunny days... Elderflower syrup can be used as a cordial or frozen , perfect to drop in a G+T on a hot garden day.

Preferably the flower heads need to be picked in the sun, although this rule is forgiven if , like me, you live in the North-East of the UK.
10-20 flower heads, with no brown flowers

Four lemons, one lime

Alot of sugar, Sugar!

500 grams to be precise

Grate and juice lemons

Zesting is hard work, you might need some help from your Kitties...

Pour the sugar into a large saucepan

( My new picnic basket from Tynemouth market, £2!)

Pick as many of the bitter greens off the teeny tiny flowers

Add lemons and water to the sugar, bring to boil

Once the flowers are added, boil for one minute more. Then cover and stand 'til the next day...

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