Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Cold Days, Warm Hearts

Howdy Guys!

Well, I dont think im the only one that cannot wait for winter to be through now. Here I keep getting those spring blue skies, only to have my hopes dashed by a sharp cold wind as soon as i'm outside. I'm dying to get my toes into some peep toed shoes . Skipping around puddles, as graceful and whimsical as it is to begin with, is starting to get to me.
My last few posts have probably hinted at how fed up I am, but you have to let the little things raise your spirits- here has been a few of mine!

A new Kitten! Meet Monkey, the new member of our family!
My health has been bad since Dexter has gone (the chances have been narrowed down to being stolen, isn't that cruel how people can be?)
She's an absolute doll, giving out cuddles and kisses all the time.

When Angels Style Scrapbook had a give away I knew it'd cheer me up about Dexter to have my hands on these lovely gloves and a cute cute cute fascinator made by the lady herself.
Im sorry it took me so long to post about these lovely items, but they really did cheer me up and I am ever so grateful. Thank you.
I hope your all well and that Valentines day will warm you up a little in these grey cold days!



  1. i love the fascincator and ur gloves ^^

  2. I'm glad you like the goodies!!!