Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Its been a while , hasn't it? My new job is taking over. Twelve hour days . Im forever exhausted but hoping that i'll soon get used to it and be able to do all the things I like doing.

We're getting christmas together at work you see, the window displays, the catwalks, they all need christmas trees, and garlands. I mean, really? in October. Retail, it makes me tired!

It has had me thinking though, so perhaps i'll be one of those super organised people this year? I do remember one year, frantically knitting scarfs on christmas morning , incredibly hung over. You can get away with that if your a student. So if you are a student reading this, do it whilst you can, for when your a 'grown up' with a 'wage' there is no excuse for it!

Ive been having a wee trawl through websites for gift ideas , how about this site?

Im thinking of making crackers and stockings this year, which this site is fantastic for.I know a few that'd really apprieciate this super cute kitchen window box starter, technically it is for children, however im sure its suitable fun for all. Not only are the sections easy to find, 'for her' ,'for him' , 'kids' but their is a 'stocking filler' section and larger gifts too. Some of the garden treasures look delightful, for example this Hammock . I want to move (again) . Our flat is lovely, but we are on the ground floor, which has never made it possible to relax on our "balcony" with people walking straight by you, and last week someone stole my Chilli pepper plant that was just about ready to go in the kitchen. All my hardwork and love just swiped. People are so cruel.

This site soon cheered me up on the green finger front though, Grow your own four leaf clover! Now you know what to get me for christmas!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Corned Beef Catastrophe

I had a terrible fashion faux pas the other day.
I was trotting along, all glimmering and glamourous to work in the autumn sunshine, life was good.
But then it hit Two o' Clock and the wind BLEW.
Not only did I have trouble wrestling my ensemble with my arms full of shopping but my hair does silly things in this weather and my legs were on their way to blue, stopping off at that lovely shade of corned beef. eugh.
Tights were needed.
I love a good pair of woollies for work and prefer a more sexy shade in my spare time. I've always gone for the seamed variety however , I cannot go for stockings. Silly short legs make it not worth the time!
I wore seamed tights so much last year, such a love affair that ended so sadly when we rehomed Monkey, our then Kitten.
So I trudged through the internet to find myself some new stock, on the terms that I will strictly not wear them in the house , and I found these little beauts.
Pamela Manns
I also found these that I have ordered for work ( when i'm climbing up ladders all day I need the thickest I can find!)
Falke Merino Wool Tights
They're made from merino wool! I cannot wait to get my little tootsies in them!
Then , because I have a new job and was feeling flashy, I got myself an extra pair, they just look so warm and snug and im hoping the price reflects value.
Falke Elegance Cashmere Blend Tights
If, like me you are heading towards the cold climate, i urge you to go here! Money is burning a hole in my pocket and im spending it mentally before its i my bank...another site i want to hit is for gift ideas.
What are your winter staples? Do you have any good luxury tips on painting winter a brighter shade than it really is?

Monday, 20 September 2010

Jimmy's Harvest Festival

Last weekend, I had a family outing to celebrate Harvest At Jimmy's. We went last year, the first year, and loved it so much we we're dying to go back.
So much more effort had been put in this year! giant apples, trumpets and drums decorated trees and bushes along the drive in!
My sister and Martin, galloping there way in!
We love the food they have there,most is produce from the farm and there was a little sign on the way in that read 'Bon Appetite!' , I definitely dressed so that I could comfortably graze all day
Last year my little Niece, Willow , was growing on the food in her mums tum. This year, as her dad's well into his cooking, he took her to meet all the famous chefs! she loved her new celebrity friends!
The man on the right taught Jamie Oliver to cook....and I cannot remember the other two! if anyone reading this does, let me know!!
I LOVE this shoot! she's hilarious!
Willow is now bored of non celebrity friends....
A Future Head!
Hairy Bikers! these guys were brillant and always remember my dad...probably because he is their No1 fan
This was two ugly buildings with tractors etc inside, but I think they hid them so beautifully. I really like the 'rustic' look at the moment

Little Willow with her matching food and ear protectors. Poor Baby
A wonderful topsy turvey imaginarium.....
So yes, a bit of a personal post rather than a review, but thats what happens when baby Willow comes out ... I just want to play with her!
But I recommend Jimmy's to anyone that loves food, family , music and a lovely chilled atmosphere. I cant wait till next years with the added bonus of camping!
whooop whooop!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Little Things

I had a really good day yesterday,It was all the little things in life.

I started the day with Homemade plum jam on toast and loose leaf apple and tisane tea .

I always have to use a tea pot and a small sieve,which can get rather messy.

I then popped out to run some errands in town.

so when I popped by a charity shop and there was a diffuser glimmering in the corner at me I knew it was my lucky day! Its a great diffuser too, I can use it to scoop up my tea leaves then just click the lip on the spoon and stir in my mug of hot water! Ta Da!

Mummy Darlings homemade jam, mm mmmm.

I wasnt actually en route to go in said charity shop, but as I was passing I thought it would be rude not to. I had in my head "no more fabric 'till you have finished your current projects" (am I the only one that talks to myself like that?!) and , of course, there was some delightful fabric. I brought a few 60's floral prints (Although I find its runs of the mill these days) but then I found this little beauty....

Shes green with little girls flying kites all over. Shes going to be a dress soon. Its funny, because the day previous I had found some fantastic green trimming that will go perfect, and I let myself buy a good few metres knowing I would use it .

I like it when things click into place , like magic.

Thing is, now I want to start this new project and put my others aside.

Anyway, I got home just before the thunderstorm started outside . My flats always warm and cosy regardless, so I made a nest with cushions in front of the window and the kitties and myself watched the monsoon outside with a pot of tea until too much time had passed and it was time to return to my sewing again.


Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Secret Retreat...

Everyone has a little somewhere where they go, to take time to breathe, take it slow.
But I bet most dont go to their mothers for this!
Let me show you why...

Chocolate box fairy house of tales

Beautiful, colourful flowers
I spend hours feeding the Koi and just generally watching them swish around...must be the Pisces in me.
The french feeling is even in the shadows..

My little Pookie to offer pet therapy
And miles and miles of sandy woods and parks to ramble around

Heather and butterflies and general wildlife
And Steps made out of tree roots!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Vintage At Goodwood

I was a very lucky lady when asked to help assist Miss Libertarian in having stall time fun at Vintage At Goodwood!

Jayne, Al and I had a Vintabulous time, Reliving times we knew, reliving times of our parents, reliving times of our grandparents, reliving times to be remembered.
The Torch Club Tanquoray Lounge was my favourite place to be, Offering dance classes and wonderful entertainment from sultry songstrels, beautiful bands and burlesque beauties.
The Demon Drome was one of my highlights. Started in the 1920s , these 21 century wild cats gave us a taste of what was, whizzing around on their vintage motorbikes performing tricks with such ease at such a speed. Not one member of the crowd was bored and as their bikes flung up the walls towards us the adrenaline surged through us all!

The high street was designed with pop up shops, which included a cinema and a hair salon. The clock at the centre of the street had small bands peacefully plucking away the soundtrack to our shopping spree
I took a few too many photos of cars, trucks and caravans, it turns out im a bit of a pervert. Of course, if you are too just say the word and I can post more of my collection ;)

I met a few bloggers too! A lovely man, that takes lovely pictures you can catch at the real f stop. Also in my tired, sunday haze I realized that I was watching The lovely Tuppence Ha'penny dance in the torch club, so pounced on her as soon as she resumed her place back at the side of the dancefloor!
The next few photos take some explaining! I met Fleur de Guerre! I saw her around the festival and wondered if I should commend her on her beautiful pin up work and blog, but I always saw her when the time wasn't right. For example, putting things together for her style show or in the port-a-loos (I sound like a stalker, dont I?) but then on Sunday I passed her outside the torch club and knew it was my chance for a chat! Sadly it wasn't much of a chat for I was embarrassingly star struck! she was ever so sweet when I gushed about her splendid work (next few lines deleted as I realize I am doing it again)
I felt like a little dumpy troll next to this tall, elegant swan! she was very grascious and told me she had just won the Silver cravat at the chap olympiad, Huzzah!
I have posted both these photos because her beautiful hair is chopped out of the first and I look slightly evil in giggling at how short I am in the second. I wouldn't want my readers to think that of me.

Any way, shine ya shoes guvnor?
I love the colours in this shot, I couldnt resist.
Strawberries and meringes , mmm...
Bugsy Malone, anyone?
A lovely swing teacher who taught me how to make to left feet into a complete pair

Does anyone else fancy ice cream and strawberry syrup after looking at this?

What an adorable family!

My favourite photo of the weekend! No 21st century in sight, bliss.

Stay tuned for more Vintage at Goodwood! Yes More film To be developed! And, if you were there, i'd love it if you'd link me up to your Goodwood related posts!

Cheers Guys and Dolls! xo

Photos Courtesy of Jayne Libertarian and Myself