Saturday, 24 October 2009

Friday, 23 October 2009

Pussy Cat ,Pussy Cat,Where Have You Been?

Without The Internet For Months,
So Mean!

Firstly A Big THANK YOU!!! to Rascal Kosher , She may be a little Rascal, but shes gotta big heart. When I (sadly) didnt win her ice cream cone bubbles give awy, she sent me these to keep my style buzzing instead. Thank you xo

Tasty Tea and Cakes at Newcastle's Vintage Fashion Fair whilst thinking about bartering for that fur stole...Autumn is here ... I wish this flower wasnt so brittle i could've done with it in my hair at my friends wedding
Fairy Tale!

Helping lovely Katy Kamikaze at Middlesbrough's Burlesque night ,'Headline Honeys'
Who would've thought after 3 years of trying to escape the place i'd want to go back!?
Jimmy's Harvest Festival!
Yep, thats me and toots looking red neck as , stuffing our faces on the lush pork and apple sauce baps *dribbles*

So, although there was a bit more that happened, that was my summer. As fun as it was thats enough of the past, and to te future and beyond!