Friday, 7 August 2009

Pink Lady...

My posts are becoming less and less frequent, I apologise

STILL no internet in the house

Hopefully this week that'll change.
I also have got a job! (in the recession? double points for me)

My Poor, sweet grey man is growing up, and had to go for the op
So I have been Nurse Ninny, Cooking him fresh sole to ease the pain
New Job = New camera! just what i've needed for the past two years!

And the possibility of a holiday! Not even one festival booked for me this year ( I normally do two or three)

Head Scarf : Second hand ( has the most adorable illustrations on it, so i roll it up and bow it on my bonse!
Necklace : Rose Quartz for Love , Opal for Faith
Dress: George at Asda
Ring : Present from my Big Sister, Made by a girl in the costume department of her set
Belt : 1980's Laura Ashley
Socks : Primark (sorry world)
Shoes: Topshop