Saturday, 25 July 2009

Polka Dot Skirt + H.O.P = Sexy Summer Top

I aquires this skirt recently, which was gorgeus- minuet polka dots, lined and a cute little slit up the back.its just too long (and too big for me)so when a free moment popped up at work the other day i unpicked all the stitches and later made it into this lovely summery tea top.

It isnt completely finished yet - i still need to pop a zip into the back so thats why it doesnt look so fitted here. but its so lovely - I dont know if ic will be able to sell'd look gorgeus on someone with dark skin and long dark locks ( probably why i kept thinking of my sister when i made it)
Its a shame there wasnt more of it, it would be stunning as a dress. However when i find the right material one will be made

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