Wednesday, 29 July 2009

All Dressed Up For A Party And Going Down The Pub..

Swirl Factor...
Basque : Old School
Cardi : Mother Hens
Coat : Mary Poppins
Skirt : Mommas
Tights : Gift
Shoes : New Look
Ears : H&M
Brooches : Flea Markets
Ring : Hand Me Down
Braclet : Made By a Friend, With A Fork


  1. I'll be a maid at the leeds 16th August

    I love the fork bracelet :o
    Does she sell them?

    I adore the skirt and the swish on the outfit :)

  2. I just want to say that those tights were probably the best gift you could have received! I love them with this outfit so much!

  3. The rings are realyl nice!

  4. You look adorable. Very rockabilly. Also, the fork bracelet is so pretty.

  5. That's cute! :D

    Guess what!
    You didn't win the ice cream soap bubble bottle but you won a pair of bee earrings!
    (Check my blog!)
    If you want them, please send me an email with your address,, write "Bee" as subject.

  6. She doesnt sell them yet, but i'll find out for you. Ive always thought alot of photos was bad, trying to get the outfit in one or two shoots. Judging by your comments indesisive snap happy is constructive! thanks xo