Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Oh Dear

I had a bad dress day today.Its only right I post you evidence for a giggle , now that I am safely in my Jimmy jays...

The outfit itself was fine. I am just too short to pull it off, and my hair is naturally too 80's so it looks like I'm trying dead hard to be 80's.
I've never been as up for an 80's comeback as some - it reminds me of my sisters when they were growing up. Lace gloves,wham, side ponies ,cardigans and various other 80s female singer bands, no doubt, Alanis Morrisette.Hair scrunchies.
Oh dear.Oh Deer

Such Sweet Little Shoes! Why do you want to make my legs look stumpy!
Dress : charity (originally h&m)
jacket : 90's Morgan sale purchase
Shoes : Rocket dog
Hair : models own , sadly


  1. I love ur hair :p

    mines boring and straight XD

    Rocket dog are too cool :3

  2. Tehee, you really don't look that bad - honest!