Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Finders, Keepers, Losers,Weepers

Here's some of my loot that I received from my family on exhibition day....

Hawaiian Hello Kitty from my sister...we seem to have a hello kitty present tradition between us. This ones so cute, she comes with a 'travel guide' and if you press the star on her tummy she'll tell you with her eyes what kind of day your going to have!

These vintage white leather gloves from my other sister. I always check these out in antique shops but I didn't know she knew that! these are tiiny! Normally I have problems with gloves being too big, these are definitely too small,Now I wonder, have we evolved to have bigger hands or has the leather merely shrunk? Check out the cute cute cute little buttons!
Gwen Stefani's 'LAMB' perfume from My Mother hen. No matter what happens, I always adore Harajuku fashion, even if I cant dress that way anymore. Unless I want to be mistaken for a twelve year old...Anyway she's so adorable sat on my dressing table and now I can have a bit of Harajuku with me without the need to look half my age.
Flowers <3 aww what girl doesnt like flowers? I just want to pick this flower up and pop it in my hair...yes theres been alot of drawing gone on and some designs on their way ^_^

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  1. redcar :p

    I've improved my sewing skills from last December :p and I'm having another stall in 9 days time :p

    I love hello kitty its so cute and the leather gloves are so sassy. Harajuka fashion rocks aswell ^^