Friday, 5 June 2009

A Few Of My Favourite Things- Exhibition at CCAD

David and Myself
Well after many a post about my end of degree show its only right I tell you about the evening. It was Fabulous, Yes with a capital 'F'.

Firstly it was most wonderful to have family and friends visit me from home. A four hour journey on a school night showed me their dedication.I had a special someone I wanted my Mother Goose to meet (which was all a success)
I have had to miss my cousins wedding last friday in Cyprus. I was terribly upset but the show had to go on and my Mother and Sister came loaded with the gossip, photos and many a gorgeous gift for me- so many gifts in fact that I think I shall have to make a post about them alone.

Secondly I had the most gorgeous, bespoke dress to wear, I felt like a princess. Phil Woodhead, fiance of Mr David Hill of , made it one sunday before he had even met me. Once we had met through the spiffing David he showed me the dress- which fitted me like a dream once one small seam was taken in a little.
I felt like an absolute star for the evening, words cannot express. I love the pair of them so much, their attention to detail inspires me so, I do hope when I move to Newcastle my Middlesbrough parents will still be.

Hat : Vintage Kangol Gift
Dress: Phil Woodhead

Bag: 1950's
Necklace : My Own Found Objects
Teddy Boy: Phil Woodhead Himself

Thirdly , yes thirdly - I've never felt so much luck. My 'shoe and bracelet sister' Rebecca brought me the most amazing vintage Kangol hat. To think I've felt that I do not belong for three years then suddenly receive all this love and attention in one evening bowled me over.
I am well and truly very lucky to have such people surrounding me.

My favourite part of the show was pointed out to me by my family,
' We want to show you something Amazing!'
'Is it by Claire A Baker?' I reply
'we don't know, come and see'
Of course it was.
The most exquisite, intricate, beautiful, meaningful pieces I have seen for a while, Refreshing Vintage , I think of it as. You really must hunt her out.
In my Opinion 'Best In Show'. I hope she doesn't read this before I've had time to put together a 'Blog Award' for her tomorrow. But for now, book and bed. Good Night, God bless xxx

More photos to follow once my paparrazi get back to me! hehe


  1. omg!!!! THANKS!!!!! (i do think thats a bit ott...but i do love it!!!)...
    p.s. you did look rather fabulous!

  2. No way not OTT in the slightest.
    'The butterfly never sees its mother' was particular the most heart warming part.
    Also sorry for saying i was going to make a little blog award for you and haven't- the image is on a disc somewhere and i'm in the process of moving house.Again x