Saturday, 9 May 2009

Swallow Shirt

Despite handing in my project on thursday i'm still on fire and have a customised this shirt to share with you... Said shirt was from the Affordable vintage fashion fair in Newcastle, for three pounds. i love the capped sleeves but the colour made me feel as though i was working at the local petrol station...
So incorporating a little of my degree show (see pillow above) with a little bit of classic SailorJerry (Thanks to FreelancersFashionBlog for the picture!) i Dyed it and took to it with my sewing machine

Ta Da! its a bit unsymetrical, i love symetry , so i will re do it and work into it further, but here is a picture for now!


  1. vereee nice!

    will miss you!...but shall keep up with your happenings on here!

  2. Aw Thanks!
    that means alot coming from you,Claire. im sure i'll see you out and about at stalls and stuffs ^_^