Sunday, 17 May 2009


The following below are my pieces to be in my exhibition

4th June, 7pm, Cleveland College of Art and Design in Hartlepool , North East England

Come along!
Free Champagne and Strawberries!

This is where i need your help, if you view these posts Please Please Please let me know what images you think are best. I need to choose some for a Projection and one, yes ONE! for a business card. Im finding it really hard choosing after being the person that made them and composed the pictures
(thanks to Tim Adams for actually taking the photos)
Thanks for your Help in advance, im going to go to the park for a Lazy Sunday walk...


  1. Hello my dear - LOVING the swallows. Ha! Can't say that without a snigger!

    Anyway, I think the cushions are literally I think the cushions would be wicked for yourt business card. But then I do like the bowls as well. Sorry that's not very helpful. I say CUSHIONS. and one picture of each for projection.

    When shall I come up to see??


  2. Rachel thats a very incoherent and childish comment, esp as your a teacher! dearie me.
    you can come up anytime. the exhib startson the 4th of june and is on fora week. although no doubt i will have to tell you that again at some point! :P x