Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Busy Wizzy Dizzy

Amongst other things this weekend, Toots and I had a little photo shoot. As always when I model, I cannot decide which photo is best as I get a little critical about my body image, when it isn't about that at all.
Any way, I'll share you the shoots and welcome your criticism with open arms!
Click on the images for the bigger picture

Photography : Martin Dalberg-Andersen

Here's another two I cannot decide on. I know it is supposed to showcase my garments but I cant help but want the really stylized ones involved, but then I guess I'd be shooting myself in the foot?

Photography : Heidi Olivia Pryce


  1. The twirling pictures seem like they were a lot of fun to take.

  2. Indeed they were! i flashed my knickers alot though. Just aswell they were fancy superman ones! x