Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Bear with me

I am days away from completing my degree!
Although i do have time to blog, i feel guilty doing anything non project related.
heres a list of things im getting on as soon as friday morning is here

* pamper myself. im talking lush products, st tropez, hair dye, pedicure, face masks
* sort out my plant pots. i think my pansies have died and i've alot of seeds to sow
* dye a shirt and embellish with free hand swallows
*customise my chopper
* customise the boys BMX
* start selling on etsy again
* smile, for i no longer have to go to Hartlepool again (except to set up the exhibition, but knowing its the last few times I'm sure I'll survive)
*start looking for accommodation in Newcastle :)
* tidy my house! its horrid, living out of boxes around mess is not my style
* BLOGGGG- when education is oVer this blog is going to be a valuable tool in my next journey :)

I've loved my degree and Ive learnt lots...but i am so looking forward to making things for me , and not to tick boxes. the punk in me hates education and being told what to do. I'll be glad to have my spirit free again. not to mention my ears - after constantly wearing headphones so i don't get caught up in the bitchiness that naturally happens in a class full of girls


  1. Haha, that looks like one of my endelss to-do lists. And it mostly takes me a lot longer to get on with the list than planned (so I wonder how much you'll actually get done ? :)

    Feel free to use the SailorJerry pic!

  2. Haha, it is endless, but its things i've been dying to do since September!
    i have already dyed my hair, dyed the shirt,planted seeds, tidyed the house and sewn buttons onto bits- im on fire! today i will finish the shirt and post pics- thanks for letting me use your picture ^_^ x