Saturday, 30 May 2009

Silly Rockabilly

Dress : H&M
Belt : Vintage
Bag : Old
Shoes : New look
(the same as the ones in 'Sowing Seeds and Singing Songs' post, Toots brought them for me in red <3 )


So,those that know me, know that Style magazine in The Sunday Times is almost biblical to me. To the point where, I will talk about a subject to someone at some point in the week , on the Sunday a similar article will be in there. Great Minds, huh?
Well last week had a little hair giveaway in it so I trotted down to Space NK and claimed what was mine. I haven't been in space in years, I grew up using their make up as my sister worked there for some years , being a student I have had to down grade my make up somewhat so it was lovely to receive these hair goodies, probably just the pampering it needs!

iLove....Post !

I have just calmed down, a little anyway, from receiving my package from Nicole Farhi.
A simple envelope with such goodies as the picture in their look book of the mittens, all design work for the two scarves, mittens, skirt- including embroidery samples and the cute cute little catalogue that has my mittens in that I designed them top to bottom, They Liked them!
It has been two days since i first started buzzing, screaming around the house wearing the mittens that made the A/W 08 Collection .
Such a lovely thing to see hard work pay off, this is definitely one of the highlights of my Uni years.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Busy Wizzy Dizzy

Amongst other things this weekend, Toots and I had a little photo shoot. As always when I model, I cannot decide which photo is best as I get a little critical about my body image, when it isn't about that at all.
Any way, I'll share you the shoots and welcome your criticism with open arms!
Click on the images for the bigger picture

Photography : Martin Dalberg-Andersen

Here's another two I cannot decide on. I know it is supposed to showcase my garments but I cant help but want the really stylized ones involved, but then I guess I'd be shooting myself in the foot?

Photography : Heidi Olivia Pryce

Friday, 22 May 2009

Unlocking The Key To....

I'm quite fascinated by finding Keys and Locks.

What could this have unlocked ? What will this key open?

My superstitious mind likes to think that it is pointing toward something or another, though not literally.

For example if I found a key, could it be that the worry can stop in my head because I do in fact have the answer?

When I found this lock at the weekend I felt as though it was a bit symbolic.
The ending of my degree and the door to the next level perhaps?

Philosophies on a postcard

Sunday, 17 May 2009


The following below are my pieces to be in my exhibition

4th June, 7pm, Cleveland College of Art and Design in Hartlepool , North East England

Come along!
Free Champagne and Strawberries!

This is where i need your help, if you view these posts Please Please Please let me know what images you think are best. I need to choose some for a Projection and one, yes ONE! for a business card. Im finding it really hard choosing after being the person that made them and composed the pictures
(thanks to Tim Adams for actually taking the photos)
Thanks for your Help in advance, im going to go to the park for a Lazy Sunday walk...

Swallow Cushions

Ceramic Swallow Wall Hangings

Exhibition - Ceramic Swallow Bowls

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Daydreaming Dress

Dress : Portobello Market £5
Belt : Best Vintage, Newcastle £8
Rose Quartz Heart : £2.99 Stony Stratford
Boots : Durhams Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair £5

Here is my 'Pretending to be Swedish' Outfit.
I realise now that the photo is good for the caption, but you cannot see the gorgeus Butterfly sleeves or any particular detail that well! Dont fret, these days happen often.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Sowing Seeds And Singing Songs

Dress : H&M
Shoes : New Look
How do you make house chores fun? Pop Princess them up of course! Cheesy Songs and Bright Colours are sure to make you whistle while you work.Tip : wear your high street clothes and not your best vintage!
Hair,Purple? I know. I dont like it either. But it was just what I needed as life got a little too serious recently. Thankfully , it'll wash out. Until then, I have to fill my days with fun fun fun times.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Swallow Shirt

Despite handing in my project on thursday i'm still on fire and have a customised this shirt to share with you... Said shirt was from the Affordable vintage fashion fair in Newcastle, for three pounds. i love the capped sleeves but the colour made me feel as though i was working at the local petrol station...
So incorporating a little of my degree show (see pillow above) with a little bit of classic SailorJerry (Thanks to FreelancersFashionBlog for the picture!) i Dyed it and took to it with my sewing machine

Ta Da! its a bit unsymetrical, i love symetry , so i will re do it and work into it further, but here is a picture for now!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Bear with me

I am days away from completing my degree!
Although i do have time to blog, i feel guilty doing anything non project related.
heres a list of things im getting on as soon as friday morning is here

* pamper myself. im talking lush products, st tropez, hair dye, pedicure, face masks
* sort out my plant pots. i think my pansies have died and i've alot of seeds to sow
* dye a shirt and embellish with free hand swallows
*customise my chopper
* customise the boys BMX
* start selling on etsy again
* smile, for i no longer have to go to Hartlepool again (except to set up the exhibition, but knowing its the last few times I'm sure I'll survive)
*start looking for accommodation in Newcastle :)
* tidy my house! its horrid, living out of boxes around mess is not my style
* BLOGGGG- when education is oVer this blog is going to be a valuable tool in my next journey :)

I've loved my degree and Ive learnt lots...but i am so looking forward to making things for me , and not to tick boxes. the punk in me hates education and being told what to do. I'll be glad to have my spirit free again. not to mention my ears - after constantly wearing headphones so i don't get caught up in the bitchiness that naturally happens in a class full of girls