Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Pastures New

I'm quite behind with my blogging.
However i woke up today aching so bad it had me in tears,i think its flu. I know its my body telling me i have overdone it and i need to rest but its so boring laying around,listening to the rain outside. The paracetamols have kicked in now so i can at least blog.

I've had to move house which was a bit of a pain but ive made a loft room my own and i love this little den. As i am only here for a few months i've decided to to unpack completely, so for once i am not surrounded by clutter and the fabrics in my room are centre piece , so thought perhaps you might like if i share with you my den of delights.
above is a mannequin i found outside a friends house last year. I love her, she holds all my brooches and some necklaces.

I found this Malachite when i moved in, its supposed to absorb negative fields such as nuclear, electro, smog etc. i figured its in my room because i need it here, so it hangs from the window. Behind is a tea-light holder, ive made millions of them from old jars, they went down well as Easter presents too
My beds on the floor which makes me feel a little like a hippy, so i brought all my ethnic spreads out to create a 'hippy lair', hehe.

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