Sunday, 12 April 2009


I love hand-me-downs.

I probably shouldnt being the youngest of three- i should be sick to the back teeth of it!

Maybe its my hippy-make-do-and-mend side. Maybe its because i imagine clothes have feelings and rescuing them from the back of the cupboard and airing them on the line will re-vive their spirits. Maybe its the fact people are paying so much for these pieces and i get them for free, tsch thats enough about money already.

So, Jen, a girl in my class rang me one evening "me ma's got a bunch of granny dresses and shoes i think you might like- dont be offended by that" of course i wasnt. I was touched that she thought about me when she saw these 'granny get-ups!'

Of course after college i ran home , washed the dresses and got them on the line ASAP , the boots gotta wash and shine too.

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