Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Fabric Fiend

Having been labeled as a 'fabric fiend' i suppose it is only right that i tell you about which ones suround me at the moment. as my room is pretty bare the colours and patterns are really what gives this room energy

These are my pillows, i found a set of four in a charity shop a few years ago, as i have managed to collect quite alot of this set i think it was probably a generic marks and sparks set, 60's or 70's?
This is my duvet. I love the story behind this. When my Mothership and Daddio got together, hey only had single beds. When they moved in with each other they had a double. it turned out that they had matching duvet covers , so my mum being the amazing seamstress she is made a double cover out of the two. I find it very symbolic and i love the ties at the end instead of poppers.

Sorry about the bad image- im using either a camera without a flash or one without a screen. Its tricky stuff. Above is a throw i found in a charity shop also. at the moment it keeps me warm but soon ,when the sun comes out it will escort me around on picnics.
I Promise to blog tommorrow


  1. oh my gosh! My parents have those orange sheets in their linen cupboard and in yellow as well.

  2. Ha ha, ghastly arent they?
    I dont know where i got my love for sickly flowers from! x