Thursday, 16 April 2009

A Bicycle Made For Two

I found this beaut the other week, I've been dying to post about it!
I saw him for a few days by a building site - but hi position changed eveyday so i bit the bullet and went and went and asked a builder
"so is that your ride?"
" no THAT'S my ride" he replied, kinda disgusted. Brilliant.
" so is this anyone's?"
" take it! someone throws it back in the site every night"
And with that i had a new ride. Smooth. Sweet.Cant wait to finish my degree so i an do him up!

* red and blue
* green with silver trimmings
* Cream and brown (although I'm customizing a friends bike this soon)
* red with silver trimmings

I have alot of time to think about it, and to get ideas...eek! Ican' wait

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