Thursday, 30 April 2009

Luck Dolls

A gift my Mothership sent me over from Antigua.
I love their florals, I want lots so I can hang them like bunting!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Fabric Fiend

Having been labeled as a 'fabric fiend' i suppose it is only right that i tell you about which ones suround me at the moment. as my room is pretty bare the colours and patterns are really what gives this room energy

These are my pillows, i found a set of four in a charity shop a few years ago, as i have managed to collect quite alot of this set i think it was probably a generic marks and sparks set, 60's or 70's?
This is my duvet. I love the story behind this. When my Mothership and Daddio got together, hey only had single beds. When they moved in with each other they had a double. it turned out that they had matching duvet covers , so my mum being the amazing seamstress she is made a double cover out of the two. I find it very symbolic and i love the ties at the end instead of poppers.

Sorry about the bad image- im using either a camera without a flash or one without a screen. Its tricky stuff. Above is a throw i found in a charity shop also. at the moment it keeps me warm but soon ,when the sun comes out it will escort me around on picnics.
I Promise to blog tommorrow

Pastures New

I'm quite behind with my blogging.
However i woke up today aching so bad it had me in tears,i think its flu. I know its my body telling me i have overdone it and i need to rest but its so boring laying around,listening to the rain outside. The paracetamols have kicked in now so i can at least blog.

I've had to move house which was a bit of a pain but ive made a loft room my own and i love this little den. As i am only here for a few months i've decided to to unpack completely, so for once i am not surrounded by clutter and the fabrics in my room are centre piece , so thought perhaps you might like if i share with you my den of delights.
above is a mannequin i found outside a friends house last year. I love her, she holds all my brooches and some necklaces.

I found this Malachite when i moved in, its supposed to absorb negative fields such as nuclear, electro, smog etc. i figured its in my room because i need it here, so it hangs from the window. Behind is a tea-light holder, ive made millions of them from old jars, they went down well as Easter presents too
My beds on the floor which makes me feel a little like a hippy, so i brought all my ethnic spreads out to create a 'hippy lair', hehe.

Thursday, 23 April 2009


Tea that helps our head and heart
Tea mediates most every part
Tea rejuvenates the very old
Tea warms the hands of those who're cold

J.Jonker,Amsterdam,circa 1670

Thursday, 16 April 2009

A Bicycle Made For Two

I found this beaut the other week, I've been dying to post about it!
I saw him for a few days by a building site - but hi position changed eveyday so i bit the bullet and went and went and asked a builder
"so is that your ride?"
" no THAT'S my ride" he replied, kinda disgusted. Brilliant.
" so is this anyone's?"
" take it! someone throws it back in the site every night"
And with that i had a new ride. Smooth. Sweet.Cant wait to finish my degree so i an do him up!

* red and blue
* green with silver trimmings
* Cream and brown (although I'm customizing a friends bike this soon)
* red with silver trimmings

I have alot of time to think about it, and to get ideas...eek! Ican' wait

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Hand-me-downs. Part two

Here are three of the 5 pairs of 60's wonders.
They look very British next to the red brick. Adorable. Will have to get photos of them in action soon! I am trying to organise a photoshoot, although im finding models and photographers are never available at the same time. Ever!
Not that im little miss free time what with the final furlong of my degree.


I love hand-me-downs.

I probably shouldnt being the youngest of three- i should be sick to the back teeth of it!

Maybe its my hippy-make-do-and-mend side. Maybe its because i imagine clothes have feelings and rescuing them from the back of the cupboard and airing them on the line will re-vive their spirits. Maybe its the fact people are paying so much for these pieces and i get them for free, tsch thats enough about money already.

So, Jen, a girl in my class rang me one evening "me ma's got a bunch of granny dresses and shoes i think you might like- dont be offended by that" of course i wasnt. I was touched that she thought about me when she saw these 'granny get-ups!'

Of course after college i ran home , washed the dresses and got them on the line ASAP , the boots gotta wash and shine too.