Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Night xXx

I high jacked my best friends bear, Harry. He has had him longer than he can remember. I took him LAST EASTER! and have sent various ransome texts of Harry throught out his kidnapping and have even offered to return him. But like i said, a year later i am still in his possesion! poor Harry. Good job he's made some friends.

The Shining...?

The Hotel i Stayed At in Belfast. Shining anyone?? Gosh I was scared!

Spring Clean .;*:;*

Last November i was flown to Belfast to be a life model for a science- art collaborative project.

I was treated like a queen ,not to mention being paid like one too.
This was a welcome break after living without student loan for two months ( what was supposed to be given to me on september the 15th was given to me on december the 1st. thanks goverment- how do you expect me to feed / commute / do my minor project with nothing but beans, hmmm?)

Beauty Sleep

Anyway, the whole thing was a great success and pictures of me body painted in a large scale can be found somewhere in Belfast!

Beginning Of Something New

I Had a fantabby photoshoot today.
I met this sweet girl on the train , Nikki. she offered a bit of mutual back scratching so we started today (this is a shot of me and self timer - Nikki's shots are 10x more impressive)
I've decided in the future i will need a model- my face ruins it and i feel its unprofessional. also i can direct if im the wrong side of the lens!
secondly i need to decide what the wardrobe will include before the shoot- i spent far too much time trying different combinations which is time consuming and boring for anyone else invloved, me chirping away about accessories. However if you recorded it it'd sell as a good cure for insomniacs!