Sunday, 22 February 2009

Nifty Thrifty...

I had such a successful thrift shop on friday- I am still buzzing from it!
maybe its still novel as my last years new years resolution was to not shop!
Please excuse the awful set out of photos - i just wanted to blog! (plus as i will tell you a photo shoot was not possible)
The blue gingham dress is adorable, its been hand made and has lovely silky lining.
Its slightly too big for me though, although i can see scope for a million different outfits i wonder if i should leave it in its natural beauty...

The second dress, another gingham one, this time in red is absolutely rockabilly delightful! (excuse Dexter-he's just checking out the stitching)
Again its too big though. this cut of dress normally flatters my figure so well but again i wonder if i need it or if i need to let it go.

The final image- the red suitcases!!!!! my favourite, i have been lusting for some for a time now and I did come close with a primark find once, but who wants to support them? I want to support vintage thanks! they are a little dusty still but you can see how absolutely adorable they are!

My favourite find <3
Now to remake or not to remake? That is the question...

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