Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Ying , Yang

Dexter hasn't been home for a week :( I hope he gets back soon Christmas wont be right without him

Lovely give away to cheer me up? Go Here for your chance too


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Libertarian Boutique!

Not so long ago I had a brilliant photoshoot with Jayne Elwell for
The Libertarian Boutique...
Some fab photographic evidence of such unique accessories, shoes , jewelery and other gems like the snuggly muff that is keeping my hands cosy and warm.
Her fascinators are full of old school glamour. Endearingly kitsch jewelery and all these with a dash of custom vintage to make the world a happier place.
All this and such a fair price for something so rare designed so well and also made by the lady herself....Why are you still here? ....Psst!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Lady In Red

Photography by Paul Wright .

I need to post my Halloween piccies but im super busy!
Just having a coffee before i speed tidy the house, found this that i thought vintage lovers will like, Enjoy!

Milkcow Magazine

Happy weekend! xo

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Friday, 23 October 2009

Pussy Cat ,Pussy Cat,Where Have You Been?

Without The Internet For Months,
So Mean!

Firstly A Big THANK YOU!!! to Rascal Kosher , She may be a little Rascal, but shes gotta big heart. When I (sadly) didnt win her ice cream cone bubbles give awy, she sent me these to keep my style buzzing instead. Thank you xo

Tasty Tea and Cakes at Newcastle's Vintage Fashion Fair whilst thinking about bartering for that fur stole...Autumn is here ... I wish this flower wasnt so brittle i could've done with it in my hair at my friends wedding
Fairy Tale!

Helping lovely Katy Kamikaze at Middlesbrough's Burlesque night ,'Headline Honeys'
Who would've thought after 3 years of trying to escape the place i'd want to go back!?
Jimmy's Harvest Festival!
Yep, thats me and toots looking red neck as , stuffing our faces on the lush pork and apple sauce baps *dribbles*

So, although there was a bit more that happened, that was my summer. As fun as it was thats enough of the past, and to te future and beyond!

Friday, 7 August 2009

Pink Lady...

My posts are becoming less and less frequent, I apologise

STILL no internet in the house

Hopefully this week that'll change.
I also have got a job! (in the recession? double points for me)

My Poor, sweet grey man is growing up, and had to go for the op
So I have been Nurse Ninny, Cooking him fresh sole to ease the pain
New Job = New camera! just what i've needed for the past two years!

And the possibility of a holiday! Not even one festival booked for me this year ( I normally do two or three)

Head Scarf : Second hand ( has the most adorable illustrations on it, so i roll it up and bow it on my bonse!
Necklace : Rose Quartz for Love , Opal for Faith
Dress: George at Asda
Ring : Present from my Big Sister, Made by a girl in the costume department of her set
Belt : 1980's Laura Ashley
Socks : Primark (sorry world)
Shoes: Topshop

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

All Dressed Up For A Party And Going Down The Pub..

Swirl Factor...
Basque : Old School
Cardi : Mother Hens
Coat : Mary Poppins
Skirt : Mommas
Tights : Gift
Shoes : New Look
Ears : H&M
Brooches : Flea Markets
Ring : Hand Me Down
Braclet : Made By a Friend, With A Fork

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Jessica Rabbit

Heres another dress i made yesterday, well its all pinned i need to go and press and sew.
I love it, its a variation of the tops i have also been creating and i used a little vintage never going to have the heart to get rid of these clothes i love them all a little too much!

Poo-Poo Pi Doo!

I'm going to be a cutesy maid door Lady for a burlesque show in September, so i've started re-vamping this dress for the occassion...Grey 80's puff sleeve

The sleeves are too long, so im taking them up and making the lower grey peice pointy

the whole dress is pretty large and baggy on me, so im going to bring it all up, Completely up on the rump. Im not planning on having it all out on display - im going to make a petti coat for underneath, and teared at the back. Victorian inspired, perhaps? more progress on this will be blogged in the future

I found this dress that i started making last year, i can finish it now i dont have Uni :) as you can see, 50's cut , recycled materials and skirt designed in mind for the swirl factor

80's Re-Vamp

I love this dress but its so long, What do you think? its all pinned and ready to sew.oh and just to clarify i only ever revamp if the effects can be reversed. im not going to start playing god with pieces of history!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Gingham Tea Top

I also made this cute little number out of a pillow case. I aquired a lovely gingham bed set then accidently dyed one of the pillows yellow in the was. the colours remind me of a little handmade 50's top a friend has that a relative made decades ago. i need to do a little test with a scrap to see what its like after the first wash, the colour could change completely. but then when i know for sure photos can be taken and this will also be avaliable on Etsy.

Polka Dot Skirt + H.O.P = Sexy Summer Top

I aquires this skirt recently, which was gorgeus- minuet polka dots, lined and a cute little slit up the back.its just too long (and too big for me)so when a free moment popped up at work the other day i unpicked all the stitches and later made it into this lovely summery tea top.

It isnt completely finished yet - i still need to pop a zip into the back so thats why it doesnt look so fitted here. but its so lovely - I dont know if ic will be able to sell'd look gorgeus on someone with dark skin and long dark locks ( probably why i kept thinking of my sister when i made it)
Its a shame there wasnt more of it, it would be stunning as a dress. However when i find the right material one will be made

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

I Should Change My Middle Name To Gingham...

Playsuit worn as top : H&M
Skirt : My Momma's
Shoes : New Look
Belt : Vintage Laura Ashley

I love the gathers on this top they're so flattering, so i've put together a pattern and Im going to make some to put on etsy - Keep your eyes peeled!
Also, sorry forthe lack of posts. I'm getting it more and more together now after moving to the city. Lots of fun to come <3

Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Real Deal

Sorry for the sideyness, im in the comfort (?) of public computer territory

Friday, 3 July 2009


Fashion designer Heidi is one of a kind

Jul 1 2009 by Iain Laing, The Journal

A FASHIONABLE graduate who has styled for top designer Nicole Farhi is bringing her own creations to the North East.

Former Cleveland College of Art & Design (CCAD) applied arts student Heidi Pryce has launched her own range of vintage and customised garments.

Heidi, 23, of Newcastle, has one of her own designs in the summer 2009 Nicole Farhi collection.

She said: “I’ve always had an interest in fashion and made my first corset aged 11 from a scrap of material and a roll of garden wire. Opening my own online outlet will enable me to mix revamped retro and new DIY pieces as well as unique vintage-inspired finds.”

Heidi, who studied a two year applied arts course at CCAD with a top-up year on self employment, will also offer items customised for clients.

She said. “I’m really excited about starting my own business and my ultimate aim is to fulfil all the ideas in my head and take pieces from the past and style them for the future.”

Degree programme leader Eyv Hardwick said: “Heidi is one of a kind. She has such unique, fresh ideas and a real vision for bringing vintage garments back to life.”

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

I'm Moving Today!

I'm so excited- I've been such a good girl living for a week in one cardi and one pair of red heels and one pair of pink flats. Not easy staples to work with.

Paloma Faith, Isn't she Fabulous? Love Her

Monday, 29 June 2009

Friday, 26 June 2009

You Will Live On Through Our Speakers

Micheal Jackson ,My first 'Boyfriend' , My first Album, My First Crush, My first Inspiration...I remember at the age of four thinking 'I need to release a song soon to become the youngest musician , as Micheal did it at 5' Cute.

Such a shame that Tabloid Readers and Believers wont let the respectful mourn

I wish I was at Glasto more than ever to celebrate the End of his life with fellow Muso's


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Dont Be Wasting All Your Money, On Syrup And Honey, Because I'm Sweet Enough

Me and Dexter went for a walk to the Dene to have a little Photo shoot.
One of my Best friends, Rose gave me a bag of clothes the other day. I love them, they are not things I would choose for myself normally, but i put a little outfit together and felt like a million bucks to be in somethings different. Thats one of the reasons I love her. She opens my eyes to new things.